Used Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special 1×12 Combo Amplifier Amp


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This is a pre-owned Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special, an incredibly versatile 1×12″ combo amplifier that can go from a sparkly clean all the way to up to a lean and mean Texas Blues tone. The Lonestar Special has two channels driven by EL-84 tubes each with their own gain, EQ, and presence controls. The overdrive channel has a toggle switch for a thicker voicing, and reverb controls are located on the back of the amplifier, with individual settings for each channel. What we think makes the amp so versatile is that you can assign each channel to be either 5, 15, or 30 watts, great for making this either a bedroom amp where 5 watts are more than enough, to an amp at the gig where 30 watts is more appropriate. The chassis of the Lonestar has a built-in fan to keep things cool. The footswitch allows you to kick in a volume boost which is great for solos and leads.

The amp is in excellent condition, with no dings or rips to be seen in the tolex, and all features work 100%. This Lonestar even includes an extra set of tubes and fuses, along with an amp cover.

Includes: Cover, Extra Tubes and Fuses, Footswitch

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