Used 2003 Carr Mercury Guitar Combo 1×12 Amplifier Black


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Want that tube amp warmth and tone in your bedroom or apartment without having the authorities called on you? This is a great choice – a pre-owned Carr Mercury combo amplifier. This amp drives eight watts into a 12-inch Kingpin 60 speaker. The Mercury has a built in 4-position attenuator (8, 2, 1/2, 1/10 watt.) Don’t be afraid to crank the 1/10th watt setting all the way up, it gives you a killer overdrive sound at low volumes, although eight watts is still plenty loud for a small-sized gig, especially one where you want a natural overdrive without overpowering the other players in your band. We can’t even begin to imagine how useful this amp could be in the studio as well; the possibilities are endless. This amplifier is pre-owned, yet in excellent condition.

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