Used 1983 Marshall Canadian CSA JMP 2203 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier


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This is a Marshall JMP 2203 100-watt head made in 1983, and it is the version made for the Canadian market due to the different electronics regulations set by the Canadian CSA. The Canadian Marshalls do not have a 16ohm tap (only 4 and 8 ohms), have some extra fuses for added safety, and toggle switches instead of plastic rock On/Off switches. At this point in Marshall history, the JMP was essentially the circuit of a JCM 800, so this amp has a lot more gain than the classic tones you would associate with a JMP. The 2203 has a master volume control with high and low inputs, and loaded with all JJ pre and power amp tubes.

The amp was recently serviced, and has undergone the brightness cap mod where a cap is clipped so that the treble isn’t as ear piercing as it could be. Setting the treble to 2 or 3 on these amps is plenty. The amp has a replaced ohm selector switch where the 16ohm tap has been taped up so that no mistake is made to select it. The tolex has some rips in it and some light tarnishing to the hardware – nothing wrong with the circuitry, and this amp sounds just like it looks – like a tank!

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