Jim Kelley Amplifiers Limited Run Parota Single Channel Reverb Guitar Amplifier Combo


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The Jim Kelley Single Channel Reverb combo is one of the most natural sounding amps we’ve had here at The Zoo. Featuring all-tube constrution, this amp gets its power from a four 6V6 power section that provides smooth, punchy tones. This Limited Edition Single Channel Reverb features a gorgeous, hand finished, dovetailed cabinet made from Parota, a wood species that is prized for its beautiful golden-brown color, Hawaiian Koa like figure and grain. Parota is also a fast growing and sustainably harvested wood native to tropical regions of the Americas, from central Mexico to northern Brazil and Venezuela. The trunk can reach upwards of nine feet in diameter, and the branches can grow as thick as five feet in diameter. Parota is a hardwood that’s incredibly light relative to its strength, a quality that’s very desirable in amplifier cabinets! ​

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