Gibson Custom Shop Zoo Select ’57 Floyd Rose Les Paul Junior Electric Guitar TV Yellow


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The Gibson Custom Shop has a longstanding tradition of reissuing specific models of 1950’s and ‘60s electric guitars. The Music Zoo has a longstanding tradition of taking our favorite features of specific models and combining them to make something new and different. Combine the fine craftsmanship of the Gibson Custom Shop and our Music Zoo tweaker tendencies and we present the Zoo Select series. One-off ideas of ours created by the Gibson Custom Shop to our specifications, whether it is a custom neck profile, a specific burst over a certain type of top wood, or a unique pickup combination. After all, the Gibson Custom Shop is in fact – a custom shop.

Call it sacrilege…we just call it awesome. Take the classic ’57 Les Paul Junior and we did what we do best with it: we put a Floyd on it! Alright, we also gave it a Custom Bucker to add even more edge to the guitar. This ’57 has a chunky neck shape that feels fantastic, and this guitar is just overall a joy to play.

Includes: Hardshell Case and Certificate of Authenticity

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