Friedman Amplification BE-100 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier


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You can’t go wrong with the tone of a Friedman Brown Eye. This is a great deal on a used and lightly played head with no major wear and all features working as they should. The Brown Eye is a 100-watt amp head using four EL34 power tubes and four 12AX7s in the preamp, with the net sonic result being a representation of a classic, British high-gain amp but with very focused, very tight modern, “brown sound” gain.

The amp features two switchable channels (clean and gain), and captures clean, “plexi,” and hot-rodded tones with ease, aided by voicing controls such as a fat switch for added lows without increasing gain and a “SAT” switch which taps a full-on tube saturation for added gain, and a C45 switch that adds gain while keeping the voicing more vintage-inspired. The BE-100 has an effects loop and half-power capability.

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