Charvel Custom Shop Exclusive San Dimas Mahogany Natural Series Left-Handed Electric Guitar


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Tone, Feel, and Performance. What else do you need from your axe? The Charvel® Natural Series San Dimas guitars created by The Music Zoo deliver all three in spades. This exclusive line of USA-Made Custom Shop Charvel® San Dimas guitars is designed to deliver huge bang for the buck, starting at just $1,795.00. Read on for the whole story behind the Music Zoo Naturals:

In 2006 The Music Zoo’s owner and vintage Charvel aficianado Tommy Colletti got on a plane to California and sat down with The Charvel Custom Shop to talk about a guitar he wanted to build. The idea was simple. No paint but instead a hand-rubbed, oil-finished body. One pickup, one knob. No frills, all business, and a world-class level of quality that The Music Zoo’s customers would demand. Charvel had recently joined forces with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and the build quality of the new Charvel product was stellar. Plus, we were all excited that Charvel guitars were once again being produced with the famous Stratocaster headstock, just like the Charvels from the late ’70s/early 80s. The new Charvel necks, with an 1 11/16″ nut width, and the skunk stripe on the back look and feel the part of their vintage predecessors. The time was right, and the San Dimas Natural Series from Charvel and The Music Zoo was born.

The bodies of the Natural Series guitars are what gives them monster tone. We spec’d high-quality Mahogany, Swamp Ash, or Koa; all three are fantastic tonewoods. Without thick layers of paint, the wood can breathe and resonate, resulting in a louder guitar acoustically, and a more responsive guitar plugged into your amp. The hand-rubbed oil finish is durable and brings out the beauty of the wood, and brings down the cost of the guitar to boot. The solid brass volume knob is another throwback to the original San Dimas.

The performance: Depending on your needs, the Charvel Natural Series San Dimas comes with either a vintage-style NOS brass tremolo or a rock-solid Floyd Rose with locking nut. The single pickup is a Seymour Duncan Custom 5, a versatile pickup that shows off the expanded frequencies of the oiled bodies while still providing enough gain to melt faces. After the initial run of Naturals was such a success, we expanded the original “one pickup/one knob” concept to dual humbucker configurations, often a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 at the bridge and a Jazz at the neck, and Hum/Single, often using a Cool Rails single coil at the neck. These configurations still keep it simple with a just single volume knob and a 3-way toggle switch.

Includes: Hardshell Case, Tremolo Arm, and Paperwork

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